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There is also an international standard for rice, set by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the Codex Alimentarius. This standard applies to husked rice, milled rice and parboiled rice, all for direct human consumption. Our Rice meets these features:

  • Its free of abnormal flavours, odours, living insects and mites;
  • moisture content max. 15% (or lower, depending on climate, duration of transport and storage);
  • impurities of animal origin (including dead insects), max. 0.1%;
  • other organic extraneous matter (foreign seeds, husk, bran, fragments of straw), max. 0.5% (milled) or 1.5% (husked);
  • inorganic extraneous matter (stones, sand, dust, and so on): max. 0.1%.

Due care is taken towards cutting size, shape, colour, integrity of grain and milling quality of the paddy to ensure customers requirement and satisfaction.

Product Specification

Food Safety Specification

Food Safety Specification

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Rice in the husk(paddy or rough)


Rice in the husk(paddy or rough)


Rice in the husk(paddy or rough)


Rice in the husk(paddy or rough)

The rice varieties being currently processed and exported include the following:

White 1121 – ۱۱۲۱ وائٹ کائنات
White 386 – ۳۸۶ وائٹ
Par Boiled Super Brown – براؤن باسمتی سپر
Super White – وائٹ باسمتی سپر
Par Boiled 1121 – ۱۱۲۱ سیلہ کائنات
Super Brown – براؤن سیلہ باسمتی سپر
Pre Steam 1121 – ۱۱۲۱ کائنات سٹیم پری

Other varieties can also be processed and supplied based on customer needs and demand.